Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Place Value Freebie

We are busy learning place value to 1,000 in my classroom and the students are really doing great with it.  I've started implementing a lot of the "Thinking Math" strategies.  Kids really do like math when you give them the freedom to figure things out in their own way! I used to hate teaching math but it's actually become my favorite subject over the last few years. I almost wish I could just be a math teacher (but I'm secretly terrified of middle schoolers).

I've been working on adding to my collection of math centers and task cards. I like to do a whole group lesson followed by centers. That way I can work with small groups on what I just taught. That gives me a better idea of who got it and who didn't.  So here's a little place value freebie for anyone who happens by here and sees it...

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  1. Thanks Janet, just downloaded and rated for you! My kids will love using this in maths centers.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings