Here are some of my favorite teaching-related things on the web.

Online Timers  - All kinds: stopwatch, hourglass, analog, digital, egg timer, talking timer - put one up on your projector & let the kids time themselves.

MeeGenius - Online books for kids. Free teacher accounts! I use this as a listening center and the kids love it.

Mr. Donn - The BEST social studies site for kids and teachers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. There is so much kid-friendly info. You won't need to look anywhere else.

SelectiveMutism.org - My sweet, sweet girl suffered in literal silence for 8 years.  From the time she was 4 until she got to 6th grade, she never uttered a word at school or in many other social situations.  It was the saddest, most painful thing to watch as a mother because noone seemed to be able to help. But hallelujah, one day something got right for her and school wasn't such a scary place anymore. She's in 8th grade now and seems just like all the other kids! Talking and everything!  If you have a student with SM or are a parent going through it with your child, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to talk :)

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