Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun & Games

So, there are 35 days left of school. It sounds like so little, yet feels like oh so much. You know how those last few weeks just draaaaaag by. Today was a real test of my nerves and I had to pull out the dirty little trick of saying, "Hmm, I wonder how many of you will be ready to go to third grade in a few weeks." That snaps them to attention for at least a few minutes.

The next trick up my sleeve strategy to make the days go by a little faster is to find some new games and interactive things to do. I already use the Jeopardy review games on Mrs. Zirullo's website for our weekly reading skills (for Macmillan Treasures). But I just found this very promising site full of Jeopardy games for all kinds of skills. You can even make your own!  Now, my district has very kindly blocked this site as it falls into the banned category of games (God forbid!) but I've worked my way around that. It really is quite fabulous! Check it out...

The site has other exciting things too, like a random name generator for choosing students and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire games.

Tomorrow we'll be watching this very cheesy, but entertaining and informative, video explaining non-fiction text features... (ok, I can't figure out how to save the picture, but here's the link...

Another fun freebie I found is Scootpad. It's online practice in reading and math (aligned to Common Core!) and you can sign up your whole class. They can work on it at school or home and get this... you can assign your own rewards for them to earn like lunch with the teacher or treasure box or whatever. Even better, the parents can do the same thing! One of my students is working to earn a new fish for her fish tank. Her dad added the reward to her account and when she gets 400 coin, she can trade them for a fish. Cool, huh?

So, what games and technological tricks do you have up your sleeve for the end of the year? I'd love some more good ideas!

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