Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Tale of Two Tattlers

Once upon a time, in a quiet second grade class, there was a little girl and a little boy who just couldn’t get along. The little boy liked to annoy the little girl by making faces and in return, the little girl called him names. 

For six long months, these little children carried on making faces and calling each other names. And in between, they filled their teacher’s ears with the most incredible amount of tattling anyone has ever heard. In fact, had there been an award for World’s Most Prolific Tattlers, these two certainly would have won.  Nothing, not even the dreaded turning of cards, could stop them.

Then finally, on a bright winter day in February, something happened… something went horribly wrong.  The little boy and the little girl, engaged in their usual battle of faces and words, tattled one time too many. As the words, “Teeeeaaaaacher, Joey stuck out his tongue at meeeeee!” came rolling towards the teacher’s ears, smoke began to rise from her hair.  Her eyes bugged out of her head. Her face turned a strange shade of purplish-red…

Ok, so that last paragraph hasn’t actually happened yet. It could though, it really, really could. Have you ever had such a bad case of whining and tattling in your classroom that you thought you might not survive the rest of the year? Well I found this poster online and am going straight to the laminating machine tomorrow morning. This great poster is going to hang right smack in the middle of my chalkboard. Please, oh please, let it work!

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  1. I love this! I just pinned this chart and I am going to make it tomorrow morning. Thank you for sharing. We REALLY need to work on not tattling to get someone in trouble!

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