Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Common Core Resources

Common core, common core, common core... that's not a cheer or a chant.  It's my head spinning around in circles like a dryer. Oh wait, that sounds like the exorcist, doesn't it?

How are you all doing with common core? Honestly, it's making me feel a little bit crazy. Not the standards... all the handouts and meetings and PD and "tips" from the county that come to my email every few days. I'm all for change and growth and improvement but sheesh... they're acting like God came down from the Heavens and presented the standards himself and if we don't do every single one of them right this very second, we'll all go up in a ball of flames.  But hey, I'm on the bandwagon. I really am.

In fact, I found this nice little website with videos of actual lessons arranged by standard. Yes, by common core standard! So if you're a little bit stumped or tired or too busy making your Christmas shopping list to think about school, check it out...

Pretty great, right? Well the next one is even better! If your district is anything like mine, they are completely and utterly  unprepared for common core. In fact, they may have told you to stop using the old assessments IMMEDIATELY and then proceeded to provide you with absolutely nothing to use instead. If that's the case, you will love this site...

It has tons and tons of assessments for specific standards written by real teachers.  It's so easy to find specific SHORT assessments for any standard. You may never have to make up your own ever again!  I hope you find this as useful as I have.

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